Saturday, January 17, 2009

Braves to "Discuss" Andruw

Andruw Jones has been released by The Los Angeles Dodgers. Imagine that. When your employer still has to pay you, but doesn't want you around, that isn't sending out very good vibes. So Andruw shows up at a college basketball game in Atlanta (I refuse to post the name of that dreaded institution in this article) wearing of all things, an Atlanta Braves cap. My, My, you don't say. You think A.J. knows something we don't? Perhaps he was just throwing that 'ole baited hook in the water. Whatever the case may be, the Braves say they will have internal meetings concerning the pros and cons of bringing the other half of the "Jones Boys" back to Turner Field. An Opinion On Sports says leave him alone Atlanta. He has been on a two year slide into offensive oblivion, so let some other club rehabilitate him. The Braves already have a major reclamation project of their own in the highly overrated Jeff Francoeur. Anyway, Andruw Jones was a superstar who got lazy and complacent. He discontinued doing the things that got him to that level in the first place. Plain and simply, he quit working. He let the game pass him by, at least offensively anyway. He put on weight, started getting injured, and his performance suffered tremendously. His career was and is out of control. Andruw is a good guy, so I hope his career can be revived. Just not with the Atlanta Braves doing the resuscitation. One "Jones Boy" is enough anyway.

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