Sunday, March 15, 2009

"The Last Great Race on Earth"

The Iditarod. A race of more than 1,150 miles over some of the roughest and toughest, yet most beautiful terrain our earth has to offer. Not to mention temperatures that give new meaning to "sub-zero", winds that decimate visibility, and unusually long periods of darkness. All of this is Iditarod, and it can only take place in Alaska. Where else to have the ultimate test of man and animal against nature? One musher, a team of twelve to sixteen dogs, and eight to fifteen days to cover more than 1,100 miles of distance that will test not only stamina, but the very basic senses of survival. To compete and to conquer. There is only one winner of the Iditarod, but there are no losers. To survive and ultimately finish is victory.

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