Wednesday, March 18, 2009

An Opinion On Sports: Off With The Diapers...

Happy Birthday! An Opinion On Sports is one year old today. We've been around 12 months, offered up more than 400 posts, and seen the hits to our site go over 12,000. We've settled into our niche of posting about sports in general. Those UGA Bulldogs continue to be our passion, but we can't write about the Dawgs everyday. There are too many other things going on in the wonderful world of sports! So basically, we just offer up an opinion on the topics that capture our attention, topics that we have an interest in, and topics that we feel like we know a little about (hopefully). Even though we are a site that doesn't get a lot of comments, we feel we have developed a few loyal supporters who drop in regularly. We are especially appreciative of that. Thank you very much. This is just a hobby. Perhaps it is an outlet that allows us to escape the trials and tribulations of the 'real world'. It's enjoyable for us, and we trust all of you are able to find a little pleasure in it as well. We will continue with our goal of around 30 posts per month, but we can't allow An Opinion On Sports to interfere with the responsibilities of the real world (I still haven't figured out how to make money with a blog!). But it is true that the more time we have to reference and research a particular topic, the better the post is for that subject. And then there are those days when it really is tough to come up with a subject matter that churns up a lot of interest for us. But not often. Thanks again for your support. I hope all of us are around for birthday number two!

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