Sunday, August 23, 2009

Shaun Chapas: Dawgs Veteran Influence

In Athens, all the offensive talk is about the battle for Knowshon Moreno's vacant tailback spot, as well as, how will Joe Cox do as Matthew Stafford's replacement at the quarterback position. Important topics no doubt. However, you don't hear about the Bulldogs solid rock in thier backfield , junior fullback Shaun Chapas. Now you need to understand that in Coach Mark Richt's offensive scheme, the fullback's roll is crucial to its success. It's true that the fullback is primarily a blocking back, even in Georgia's philosophy. But the Dawgs also use their fullback on key running downs and employ them out of the backfield as receivers quite often. Shaun Chapas can fill all those roles, and is very adept at them as well. Chapas is experienced, hard working, and talented. Perhaps just as important, he is emerging as a leader among his teammates. Guys are watching Chapas because he does it the correct way. A leader by example leaves no room for questions of credibility. Shaun Chapas will be a driving force in the success of the 2009 Georgia Bulldogs.

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