Thursday, August 6, 2009

Eli Manning: Now The Richest Manning!

When I read about Eli Manning's new contract with the Giants, I thought it was kind of interesting that he will make more money playing football than big brother Peyton. Eli's deal averages out to $15.3 million annually, while the Colts QB only averages a meager $14.2 million. So consider this; combined, the two brothers will rake in a cool $29.5 million per year. Now this doesn't even include all the endorsement deals they both have, with Big Brother gobbling up the bulk of those extra earnings. Putting it all in prospective, I suppose all these combined millions by the two siblings makes 'Ole Archie more productive than a lot of the stud horses that are "out to pasture". He's sure sired some earnings makers! As Peyton would say "I'm just saying...".

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