Monday, August 24, 2009

Georgia Works to Cure Penalty Bug

In 2008, the Georgia Bulldogs were the most penalized team in the SEC, averaging almost 9 yellow flags and over 70 yards per contest. To make matters even worse, the Bulldogs hurt themselves so many times in crucial situations by aiding their opponents to sustain key drives, to continue to build momentum, and to negate turnovers for themselves. This year in preseason, when officials flag Georgia players in scrimmages, they are disciplined on the spot with up-down drills, and held accountable by coaches and fellow players. But more importantly, the Bulldogs realize what all the penalties did to them last year and how important it is to shore up that aspect of their game this year. In a matter of days we'll get a first-hand look at how the focus on penalties and the discipline relating to them has, or has not, helped the Dawgs play with a competitive intelligence. It sure is tough to beat the eleven players across the line from you when you help them out by playing stupid. Just ask the 2008 Bulldogs.

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