Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Georgia Bulldog Football 2009

Everyone I talk to is ready for college football. Many publications and blogs have countdown timers measuring down to the second of that first kickoff. Calendars are marked, plans are being made, and expectations are running high. But hold on everyone. Once this thing gets rolling, it's gonna take it a while to slow down. I was looking over the Georgia schedule and realized we are back to back to back all the way up to October 24th. No breaks, no let-ups, and no push-overs. When we come back from that really tough road test in Stillwater September 5th, we find the Ole' Ball Coach waiting for us 'Tween the Hedges, just before we venture out once again to visit Bobby Petrino in Bill Clinton territory. We then return home for the re-match with 'Zona State the week before LSU comes a callin'. Two consecutive SEC road trips to Tennessee bring us to a much deserved off week before heading to Jax. There are no breaks again until the Holidays, with the only "breather" in that final stretch coming against Tennesse Tech on November 7th. That means no open week to prepare for Tech's offense, which didn't help last year anyway. So perhaps we all should take a deep breath and enjoy the "calm before the storm". Because once it hits, the hits just keep on comin'!

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