Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Atlanta Braves: Is It Over Now?

A team leading its division by 2 1/2 games in the midst of a pennant race does not blow a 10-1 lead to a team whose only race is to the post game buffet. And to add insult to injury, the Braves got swept by the Colorado Rockies in a three game series. I know you never give up on the home team, but I don't see the Braves overcoming this. All teams go through one or more slumps during a major league baseball season. Atlanta had one such phase back in April. 162 games is a very long and drawn out season. There is now no question that they are back in one of those slumps again, and it's converging on every aspect of their game. Pitching, clutch hitting, and fielding are all suspect at this point. Their is no consistency to their game anymore. Now is the juncture in the season when they are really beginning to miss the veteran leadership of Chipper Jones to help right this sinking ship. I don't like to say it, but I think the Braves are done. Stick a fork in 'em and take 'em off the grill. I don't think they will win the division, nor capture the wild card. Too much damage is done, and I think they lack that "it" to regroup and get over this detrimental stretch. They have an off-day tomorrow, so they have to wallow in this mess for two days before playing again. That isn't good. I really do hope I'm wrong here, because their season has been so great. Up until now. But if I'm right, they've been great to follow all season. They really have played outstanding and exciting baseball. Now I just wish I could count on them to prove me wrong.

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