Thursday, August 19, 2010

Troy Glaus: No 'I' in Team for Him...

Yesterday I wrote that I had not completely bought in to the Braves acquisition of Derrek Lee. I was in favor of it only if it was a player for player deal, as in Lee for Troy Glaus. As you know by now, the trade didn't go down like that. Now Glaus and Lee are both Braves. Atlanta gave up three young pitching prospects to bring the veteran Lee to Turner Field, and I know nothing about any of the three. I hope we gave up quantity as opposed to substance. As for Glaus, he handled the situation with nothing but professional class. He accepted the trade as a good move for the team, agreed to go on the Disabled List to help his gimpy knees, and volunteered to go to AAA Gwinnett to work at his more natural position of third base. Keep in mind, Glaus could have asked the Braves for an outright release. Also remember, he literally carried Atlanta for almost two months earlier in the season. I know he hasn't carried anything but dead weight recently, but I am impressed by this attitude of "Big Team, Little Me" displayed by Glaus. I now hope this works out good for both he and the Braves, because I'm back in Troy Glaus' corner again.

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