Monday, August 9, 2010

Hey Tiger, Lose the Goatee

Let Tiger Woods never be confused with Samson. His strength is definitely not in his hair, not his facial hair anyway. (Not to mention the fact he looks like a dork). He just finished the WGC-Bridgestone Invitational in a tie for 78th place out of 80 golfers. This event was held at the Firestone Country Club, a venue Woods has won at seven times. His game is in shambles, he has hit rock bottom. Is he washed up as a golfer? Absolutely not, but he has lost the one facet of his game that was most unnerving to his competitors: The factor of intimidation. That is completely gone at this point. The "young guns" on the PGA Tour have no fear of Tiger Woods. They know that he can no longer show up with his 'C' game and expect to go home with all the spoils. He has to show up ready to play, both above the neck as well as below it. For the first time in his professional career, his personal life is dramatically affecting his performance on the course. Make no mistake about it, not many people are feeling sorry for him. He himself orchestrated all the chain of events that have happened to him since last Thanksgiving. He might not like the drink, but he concocted it. Even though I for one could care less, Tiger Woods will win on the tour again, and more than a single tournament. He will get his life and game back together again. Hopefully, he'll leave the goatee to the goats.

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