Monday, August 16, 2010

The PGA Championship: What A Tough Call...

I would venture to say all professional golfers know the complete rules of golf, just as I expect that Amy Vanderbilt knows the complete rules of etiquette, and the way Nancy Pelosi exhibits a comprehensive acquaintance with the complete rules of stupidity. Having said that, I believe that Dustin Johnson never considered he was hitting a ball out of a sand trap due to the location and condition of the hazard. I understand the tournament officials explaining that all golfers had been warned all week that all sand traps , regardless of their location on the course, were to be considered and played as 'regular' sand traps. This fact would thus mean that a golfer is not allowed to ground his club is a sand trap without incurring a two shot penalty. To make the long story short, Johnson grounded his club in a rough patch of sand and was denied entrance into a playoff for the PGA Championship. That was a tough pill to swallow for Johnson, and it had to be a tough call for PGA officials. After all, TV commentators said there were more than 1200 sand traps around the Whispering Straits layout. That is formidable task for the PGA to keep that many bunkers, but if they designate them bunkers, it is their job to keep them up. Even the ones that are 'outside the ropes' as Johnson's was. Golf is a gentleman's game of sportsmanship and honor, and there is no way Dustin Johnson violated either one of those characteristics.It seems that there possibly could have been some gray area in this ruling, and the PGA has to share some of the responsibility on this one.

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