Monday, August 23, 2010

Tiger and Elin: The Split is Official

Tiger Woods had it all. He had the world by its proverbial tail. Now he's lost a lot of it. Some of "it" he will reclaim, and some of "it" he won't. At some point, he will play the high caliber of golf he once did, and he will continue to add to his monetary fortune. However, he will not recoup the high level of integrity he was once regarded with. Nor will he get his family back. His divorce with Elin Nordegren became final today. He can sign that scorecard. No championship title for him as a husband. And that's one title he can't buy. I just wonder...if he knew Elin was going to divorce him over his transgressions, do you think he wishes he hadn't wasted his time going to sex therapy? He obviously doesn't need it now.

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