Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Georgia: How Crucial is Crucial?

Georgia's second game of the season is a conference encounter with South Carolina on the road. The Bulldogs will venture into one of the many loud, hostile environments that are so prevalent in college football with a rookie at the quarterback position and with one heck of a lot on the line. To me, the Carolina game is the most crucial game of the SEC season for Georgia. The winner of this game is set to face the hunk of the conference schedule with a huge first win under its belt. The loser now has no margin for error the rest of the way, and the season is only two weeks old. The Georgia vs Carolina game can either leave a very bad taste in your mouth, or leave you thinking you are a legitimate contender for the SEC East title. This goes without saying that every conference game is crucial, and none more crucial than the next one coming up each week. However, this game really does set the tone for the remainder of the season. For a team like the Dawgs who are trying to gain confidence in not only a new leader behind center, but also trying to get confidence in a completely new defensive scheme, a road win against a formidable foe could make their season. It certainly would make that late October trek to Jacksonville look a lot more inviting. The Carolina game is already "looming large" folks!

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