Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ryan Mallett: This Year's Jevan Sneed?

Last year, Ole Miss and quarterback Jevan Sneed were proclaimed to be the toast of the SEC. Only problem was, the toaster never got hot enough. Sneed and his Rebels ended up being a bust in the SEC West, as is the case with most of Houstin Nutt's teams.. This year, that proclamation sits on the shoulders of Arkansas' 6'7" Ryan Mallett, if not so much on his bunch of Razorbacks. Mallett is a bona fide big-time quarterback. Twice in his career, he has thrown for more than 400 yards in a game. Just last year he had three 5-touchdown games. Can he have that kind of season in this his last hurrah for the Hogs? As the season begins to unfold, the rangy signal caller himself will provide the answer to that question. He might indeed throw up some gaudy numbers this season, but I wouldn't count on Arkansas being a threat to anyone in the SEC West. Anyone except Ole Miss of course.

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