Sunday, August 15, 2010

Greg McGarity: A Bulldog Returns Home

There might be a new sheriff in town, but this time he doesn't have to ride in with barrels blazing. In fact, Greg McGarity's hire as the new athletic director at the University of Georgia seems more like the prodigal son returning home as opposed to the sheriff moniker. Perhaps we should kill the fatted calf, instead of thinking about a new broom sweeping clean. After all, there's something to be said for excavating an Athens, Georgia boy out of a despicable environment that is Gainesville, Florida. McGarity says this job is his "dream job", and it isn't one he has to rebuild, but he does need to be the man to take it to the next level. The man has red and black flowing through his veins. He has a history with Athens and the University of Georgia. An old love affair has been rekindled, and McGarity is the right man for this job. Welcome home Greg McGarity, just wish it hadn't taken you, and us, so long.

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