Friday, September 21, 2012

Arkansas: Blame Harley-Davidson

After reading some previews regarding tomorrow's slate of college football games, I found it strange that Rutgers is now considered a big game for Arkansas (Arkansas is listed as a 10 point favorite). Apparently, there is already concern among the Razorback faithful about the Hogs becoming bowl eligible. Being bowl eligible is an early season worry for a team who was predicted to be a challenger for this year's National Championship? Just think, all of this turmoil was created when one man drove a motorcycle in a ditch with a woman on board who was not his wife. This led to a firing, then a crazy hiring, then an unthinkable out-of-conference upset at home, then an injured quarterback, then a blow out loss at home to Alabama, then an accusation of the team quitting  by the injured QB, and on and on and on. This is the saga caused by former head coach, motorcycle stunt rider and playboy Bobby Petrino. This is now Arkansas Football. But why blame Petrino when it is obviously the fault of Harley-Davidson Motorcycles? Just sayin...

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