Monday, September 17, 2012

D.J. Swearinger: Helmet-to-Helmet

When the so-called experts say certain collisions are the equivalent of an automobile traveling at X miles per hour and hitting another moving object, I would like to know what the equivalent would be for Swearinger's hit. This is a good example of why football is trying to protect defenseless receivers. This hit, along with the one by Ole Miss' Trae Elston, will rattle your teeth just watching them.

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Jeff said...

the problem is the Trae Elston was a CLEAN hit. The Swearinger hit was helmet to helmet. The real question is, were are we going with this game. I am OK with the call on Swearinger; however the hit with Elston didn't even draw a flag. For Slive to suspend him was absurd!!!!!