Saturday, September 15, 2012

Georgia -vs- Fla. Atlantic: Show Me The Money!

Florida Atlantic will hold a new Sanford Stadium record when they depart Athens late Saturday night. The Owls will escape out of town with the largest paycheck of any Georgia opponent in history. They will take the $1 million payout this week, along with another million from Alabama next week, and hopefully balance their budget by the season's end. Georgia claims they will still pocket around $1.7 million form Saturday's contest when all is said and done. They look at the situation as win-win because it gives the Bulldogs a seventh home game this season, which is always income gravy for an athletic department. (Note: Georgia paid Buffalo $975,000 to play in Athens for the home opener this year). The UGA athletic board reports they currently have $68 million in cash reserves. It doesn't sound like any recession has hit Georgia Athletics anytime recently. Just sayin...

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