Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Orange Bowl: This is Your Best Deal?

Reportedly, the Orange Bowl and the ACC are close to finalizing a deal that would begin in 2014. The arrangement would tie up the ACC Champion against either Notre Dame, an SEC representative , or a Big Ten representative. Several things just don't sound right about this. First of all, what is the big deal about having the Atlantic Coast Conference champion to begin with? As I've said before here, it's a basketball conference. Secondly, why Notre Dame to lead the list of opponents? Didn't they just strike an asterick deal with the ACC to play five games a year with their schools but not compete in football as a "member school"? Sounds like the possibility of another regular season/bowl rematch to me, and remember how that situation turned out last year with the SEC. Lastly, it's the Orange Bowl. They can do better than this. Not that long ago the Orange Bowl was a major player on the inside getting their share of really good teams in conjunction with the Rose, Sugar, and Cotton Bowls. They were the "Grandaddys" of the bowls. The Big Four.Now it looks like the Orange isn't such a 'player'. It even looks like they're on the outside looking in.  Just sayin...

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