Sunday, September 30, 2012

Georgia Bulldogs: The Adventure of the Extra Point

The infamous extra point. The point after. The smallest decimal in football that can sometimes "loom so large". It is supposed to be a 'given', automatic if you will. Snap, hold, kick, good. Get ready for the kickoff. Six points become 7, 13 becomes 14, 20 becomes 21, etc. It's one of those things that you really only notice when you don't have it; when you miss it. Marshall Morgan (above) is the very talented, freshman kicker that Georgia has entrusted with handling their extra points this season. Thus far, he is 27 of 30 on extra points. That is not a good ratio. Collegiate kickers go seasons without a miss and careers with only one miss. Not three in the course of five games. I think Morgan has this thing about crossbars. He likes to hit them. Perhaps it is a pinball fetish or something. But hitting is not good, splitting is good. Stop flirting with the uprights and split them. There will be a game soon for the Bulldogs when the win will depend on it.

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