Friday, September 7, 2012

Billy Gillispie: A Wreck at Tech?

Texas Tech head basketball coach Billy Gillispie was discharged from a hospital after a six day stay. He was admitted to the hospital due to extremely high blood pressure. Gillispie leaves the hospital amid allegations against him of player mistreatment. Now it's situations like these that originally coined the phrase "out of the furnace and into the fire". The former Kentucky coach is entering his second year with the Red Raiders, after having finished 8-23 his first year. While at Texas Tech, he has already been reprimanded for exceeding practice time limits. That isn't hard to believe, after that record last year his kids need to practice all they can! No wonder the guy's blood pressure spiked with all that stress. Oh well, it's an understatement to say that Billy's not off to a great start at Tech. Sounds to me like the honeymoon ended quite some time ago. Just sayin'...

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