Saturday, September 29, 2012

Tim Hudson: Come On Man

Tim Hudson made one mistake Friday night and it cost his team a win. A nine pitch battle  with the Mets' Lucas Duda in the top of the seventh ended with Duda belting a three-run homer off of the Braves veteran righthander. The result was a 3-1 New York win to spoil "Chipper Jones Night" in front of 50,000+ jacked up Braves fans. Just getting 50,000 fans to a regular season game in Turner Field once football season has started is a tall order in Atlanta. It's a big deal. The whole might was a big deal. The tribute to Chipper was a big deal. The pennant race IS a big deal. The crowed being pumped up was a big deal. A victory last night would have been a really big deal (division leading Washington lost to St. Louis). Come on Hudson, win the dang ballgame.

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