Sunday, September 23, 2012

Georgia Tailbacks: "My God, a Freshman"!

There is an old buzz that is back in the air at Sanford Stadium. Georgia has a pair of freshman running backs that are causing the crowd to make that once familiar gasp that they had every time the guy above touched the ball. It's way, way too early to begin to make any comparisons with Herschel Walker, but Todd Gurley and Keith Marshall have brought back that excitement at the tailback position for the Bulldogs. They each are legitimate threats to "take it to the house" at any time, and that anticipation has the 'Bulldog Nation' on the edge of their seats. As the late Larry Munson once said: "My God a freshman", we are prone to utter those same words ourselves with Gurley and Marshall. That thrill is back in the air 'Between the Hedges', and it's one heck of a lot of fun. (And don't forget sophomore Ken Malcome. He's pretty darn good himself).

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