Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Arnold Palmer Awarded Congressional Gold Medal

Eight years ago golfer Arnold Palmer won The Presidential Medal of Freedom. Yesterday, Mr. Palmer was awarded the Congressional Gold Medal, just one day after turning 83 years old. The awards are especially significant in that they speak more of the man as a humanitarian than as a golfer. He remarked yesterday in the capital rotunda, in a way only he could, that he was "particularly proud of anything the House and Senate could agree on", as they were both represented for his presentation. Palmer is only the sixth athlete in more than 200 recipients to ever receive this award. It is a very big deal. His  receiving the Presidential Medal was a big deal. They are the highest individual honors a citizen of this country can receive. His turning 83 is a big deal. Live on Arnie, continue to 'live large', and "Arnie's Army" will always live on with you. Thank you for your contributions to your sport and your country.

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