Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Georgia vs Tennessee 1968

Since it is Georgia-Tennessee week, I thought a flashback of the series would be kind of cool here. On September 14, 1968 Georgia played Tennessee in Knoxville. It was the first game ever played on synthetic turf in the South. The epic battle ended in a 17-17 tie that actually felt like a loss to the Bulldogs and a win to the Volunteers. Tennessee scored a touchdown as time ran out in the fourth quarter to make the score 17-15. They then converted their two-point conversion with no time on the clock, thus the resulting tie. Sports Illustrated called the game "A Rouser On A Rug". As a lifetime UGA fan, I will for a lifetime maintain that the Tennessee touchdown was actually an incomplete pass. The football bounced off the turf directly back into the receivers hip as he was falling to the turf. The officials failed to follow the bouncing ball. (check out the SI link to see a photo of this touchdown). For me, the game has always been Tennessee's "Robbery On A Rug".

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