Thursday, September 13, 2012

Florida -vs- Tennessee: A Second-Tier East Battle

Florida and Tennessee no longer rule the SEC East. They have been replaced by Georgia and South Carolina. They each have two head coaches who have yet to prove themselves at this level. They both would like to elevate their teams back to the top and join the two schools mentioned above. Neither of them would like to slip to the point of joining Kentucky and Vanderbilt as basement dwellers. They are both closer to the bottom than to the top, and that is very difficult for both programs to accept. A win Saturday night does not instantly vault one of them back into the  land of the haves, but the loser is almost assured of being mentioned in the same breath as the 'Cats and the 'Dores. On top of that, the losing coach inherits the first 2012 SEC "Hot Seat" moniker.It couldn't happen to a better bunch, no matter which bunch that turns out to be late Saturday night.

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