Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Paul Finebaum: Georgia is Vulnerable Against Missouri

Paul Finebaum is the ultimate Alabama "homer". That's fine with me, because college football makes it easy for all of us to be "homers". We all love our home team. I'm that way with Georgia. That in itself is the passion of college football. Finebaum believes Nick Saban 'hung the moon'. To him Saban is the ultimate head football coach, possibly the ultimate human being. Also to Finebaum, everything and anything that is not 'Bama, is nothing in his eyes. The other members of the SEC are fodder for his infamous radio talk show. When he gets an SEC team in his sights, he loves to start the bashing, always thick with sarcastic insults. It seems he is particularly pleasured when he gets to take his demeaning shots at Mark Richt and the Georgia program. This week he criticized Richt for being weak with his punishment and slow to pull the trigger on discipline issues. I really don't understand Finebaum's irritation with Richt in that regard. Richt has suspended more players with loss of game time, and kicked more players off of his Bulldog team than any coach in the conference.  He's 'run off' some exceptionally talented athletes because they've shown they are equally adept at causing trouble. He deals with discipline problems, he handles discipline issues, and he hands down appropriate punishment related to the specific offense. Finebaum is correct when he says Richt hasn't won a National Championship. He might even prove to be correct in picking Missouri over Georgia Saturday night. However, he's far from correct when he states that Richt doesn't handle discipline. But then again, Finebaum loathes all things not Alabama.

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