Saturday, January 2, 2010

Florida Is Still Florida

For those of you who read this blog somewhat regularly, you know that I am "Georgia Bulldog" through and through. I am an Alumnus, I bleed red and black, I anguish with every misfortune, and rejoice with every victory. By saying all of this , I also readily admit to a keen dislike for Auburn, Florida, Georgia Tech, South Carolina, and Tennessee (just to hit the high spots!). Now that we have all of that understood, I must admit that I was very impressed with the Florida Gators in the Sugar Bowl last night. They were equally impressive as we were against Hawaii in that same bowl a few years ago. And Tim Tebow with 482 yards passing. I didn't see that coming. So much for the inner turmoil surrounding the indecisiveness of coach Urban Meyer and his Florida career. The Gators never missed a beat. And now for the real, unpleasant truth: they won't miss a beat for a long time. They still remain the team to beat in the SEC East. I realize they lose Mr. Tebow and an awful lot of that dynamic defense, but Florida is Florida and they will continue to be our nemesis for awhile longer. They will not give up a single thing. We, and everyone else, will have to earn every positive step we take against them. Everyone else has to step up, because they're not stepping down.

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