Thursday, January 21, 2010

Jack Nicklaus: "A Legend in His Spare Time" is 70

Jack Nicklaus is 70 years old today. My how times does fly. We won't see another "Golden Bear". Not a golfer with all the attributes, both on and off the course, as Nicklaus. A tremendous competitor, made up of talent, desire, and intelligence. He played and respected the game as it was meant to be. He displayed character and class while becoming not only a champion, but a magnificent ambassador for the game. I've always believed that Arnold Palmer with his vibrant, compelling personality, put golf on the map. I believe Nicklaus, with his uncompromising skill that was foreign to the sport, took the game to the next level. And I believe together they propelled golf into the worldwide stage it occupies today. The accomplishments of Jack Nicklaus on the course will perhaps one day be eclipsed, but the essence of the man will never be surpassed. Happy 70th, Jack!

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