Saturday, January 16, 2010

Hey Barbara, "Precious" Is A Vol!

Derek Dooley is the new Tennessee head football coach. The kid whose mom, Barbara, called him "Precious" has hit the Big Top (Rocky Top that is). Dooley arrived in Knoxville from Louisiana Tech, where he was employed for the past three years not only as head football coach, but athletic director as well. He brings the promise of stability and integrity to Big Orange Country, two intangibles sorely missing yet needed in that storied program. The former University of Virginia graduate, as well as, University of Georgia Law School graduate will bring intelligence and diligence to the only vocation he truly loves. Dooley, like his dad Vince, is a football coach. Coaching football is his passion, and he will give Tennessee every ounce of his professionalism. I don't know if Derek Dooley is the 'splash' the Vol Nation was looking for or not, but he is far from the 'drip' they just got rid of. Best of luck, Precious, but I do hope that first loss as a Volunteer comes in your Dad's old stomping grounds on October 9th, between those hallowed hedges in Athens, Georgia. Barbara Dooley will be the only Dawg wearing orange that day.

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