Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Mark McGwire: No Check-Swing This Time

So now it's official. Mark McGwire used steroids. He admitted it himself. We already new it, he just confirmed it. He stands a little taller in my eyes for coming out with this, but he would have been much taller had he stood up before congress in 2005 and told all. And don't think he wouldn't have made a lot of other guys sitting at that table squirm worse than if a 95 MPH fastball was coming straight at their noggins. He could have left out the part where he said he would have been the same power hitter without the enhancement of drugs. There's simply too much speculation for him to sell that notion. He'll really never know for sure, and thus neither will we. Nevertheless, I'm glad he came forward with his revelation before spring practice begins. As the Cardinals new hitting instructor, he doesn't need the past hanging over his head. He'll be a good coach for St Louis, and it will be good to have him back in baseball.

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