Saturday, October 13, 2012

Atlanta Braves: Just Get In...

The St. Louis Cardinals are living proof that it doesn't matter how you get in the playoffs, just get in. A team does not have to win their division to get in and compete in the post season. The Cardinals were the Wild Card team last year and ended up being World Champions. Last night, they defeated Eastern Division champs Washington to advance to the National League Championship Series. This year, as well as last, the Atlanta Braves could have been in the Cardinal's place. The Braves blew a more than adequate wild card lead in September 2011, and lost a one game play-in to the Cardinals in 2012. There are really no great, stand alone teams in the post season this year. It would have been a very good time for Atlanta to make a run at a World Series. But first you have to get in the dance. Atlanta has been on the outside looking in for a while now, so all they have is coulda, woulda, shoulda. That's just no good. Come on Atlanta, just get in the playoffs for a change.

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