Saturday, October 6, 2012

Kirk Herbstreit: He Calls Out Mark Richt

Kirk Herbstreit didn't call Mark Richt's name, but he didn't have to. He called out the names of Georgia's defensive players who are ranked high by NFL scouts, and pretty much said there is no excuse for Richt's Bulldogs to play so undisciplined and get beat so thoroughly in a football game with the quality of players on the Georgia roster. As sick as I got of hearing him praise Steve Spurrier all night long, I found it hard to oppose his comments about Georgia. With the talent there is in Athens, Georgia should be at a point where they can compete with anyone in the country. But the Dawgs continue to find themselves unable to defeat a quality opponent in a big game setting. Tonight they found themselves unable to even compete on the same level with a quality opponent. Herbstreit was right, but it sure was hard to take. But then again, sometimes the truth really does hurt. Just sayin...

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