Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Georgia -vs- South Carolina: Only Georgia Can Defeat Georgia

I have a shocking revelation for you regarding the Saturday night tilt between Georgia and South Carolina. South Carolina will not defeat Georgia. Only Georgia will defeat Georgia. This is not early sour grapes by a UGA fan, it is just a UGA fan facing the facts and realizing the truth. I've read and heard all the hype thus far this week, as have all of you. I've even contributed to some of that here on this blog. It's a big game, a huge game, a must-win game, yada, yada, yada. I know that Carolina is now the Vegas favorite in the game by a home-field margin of 2 1/2 points. Nevertheless, the game is Georgia's to lose. The Bulldogs are better than the Gamecocks. Period. However, these Dawgs, as well as some Dawg teams of years past, have the uncanny knack of making things hard on themselves. Cover the spread, you ask. Not if Georgia can help it. It seems so often that they find ways to make games close when they don't need or have to be close. A turnover here, an uncalled for penalty there, a special teams blunder here, etc., etc., etc. I realize turnovers and penalties are a big part of football, but if Georgia wins the turnover battle Saturday night, plays smart and sound on special teams, and avoids crucial penalties they will win. It will not matter how well South Carolina plays. Only Georgia will defeat Georgia.

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