Tuesday, October 2, 2012

L.S.U. at Florida: Upset Special

Florida lost to LSU in Baton Rouge last year 41-11. That doesn't matter now. LSU has won the last two straight against Florida. That doesn't matter now. LSU is ranked No. 4 in the AP Poll , where Florida comes in at No. 10. That doesn't matter now either. What does matter now is that LSU has not very impressive as of late, and Florida is looking more impressive every week. The Gators seem to be getting some of that old swagger back, while the Tigers seem to be losing some of their cocky strut. We're just beginning to get into the core of the SEC schedule. It's the time of year when we discover " who can fish, and who can just cut bait". Watch out Bengal Tigers, the Gators just might be the ones fishing in "The Swamp" Saturday afternoon. Just sayin...

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