Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Jason Heyward: The Man With The "Golden Glove"

The Atlanta Braves had not had a player to win a Gold Glove in five years. That all changed yesterday when Jason Heyward was named the best defensive National League right fielder for the 2012 season. The 6' 5" Heyward, who is only 23 years old, won his first Gold Glove in his third Major League season. The last Braves to win the award were also outfielders, Andruw Jones and Jeff Francoeur in 2007. This was his first Gold Glove, but it positively will not be his last. His unbelievable talent, combined with size, speed, quickness and agility should keep Heyward at the head of his position for many years to come. He is the total package. And by the way, I'm sure a Silver Slugger Award is just a matter of time.


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