Sunday, October 28, 2012

Malcolm Mitchell: "The Mouth of the South"

I love Malcolm Mitchell. There is absolutely no question he has unbelievable football talent. His skill level in all three phases of the game is off the charts. But sometimes he plays the game from the shoulder pads up like a chump and not a champ. He's been in the face of opponent's all year long, pounding his chest and talking trash. I remember back in the Missouri game, he did that after he knocked a receiver out of bounds who had just caught a pass in front of him. I wondered then what that was all about because he really did nothing exceptional on the play. He made the game wining touchdown yesterday against Florida with great down-field running, but his play came after he cost his Bulldogs 15 critical yards for 'unnecessary running off at the mouth'. He admitted later he had been doing that the entire game but just got called for it on that particular play. The bottom line is that he doesn't need all that trash talk as part of his game; his game speaks volumes by itself. Come on Malcolm, let your talent do the talking. Please.

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Anonymous said...

I love Malcolm to but he must develope some class. Jarvis tolk to him show him what class means in life and on the field.