Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Georgia-Florida 1985: "Four Days, Four Days"!

In 1985 seventeenth ranked Georgia defeated top-ranked Florida 24-3 in a game that was supposed to be a Gator run-away victory. Dawg tailbacks Keith Henderson (above) and Tim Worley led a vicious ground game as Georgia knocked Florida out of the nation's top spot. UGA students chanted "Four Days, Four Days", which indicated the full extent of the Gators hold on #1. After the game, fan bedlam broke out on the floor of the Gator Bowl, resulting in 65 arrests. One of the funniest stories resulting form this was when one UGA student was called before the judge to answer for his actions. When asked by the judge what his major was at the University of Georgia, the young student answered "criminal justice". As the courtroom erupted in uncontrollable laughter, the judge banged his gavel and said "Fifty dollars for disorderly conduct. Pay the bailiff." Ain't it great to be a Georgia Bulldog! Just sayin...

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