Thursday, October 25, 2012

Georgia Bulldogs: The Monkey or Mojo?

By beating Florida last year, did Georgia get the proverbial monkey off of its back regarding their series in Jacksonville? Or was the win last year merely the Bulldogs token victory that they are allowed to experience every few years against the Gators? Has the monkey been replaced by Mojo? This year Georgia faces a very good Florida team. Not a great Gator bunch, but a good one.Georgia is a good team as well, with the potential to be a very good one. They just have to show up and play to that potential. There is no talent shortage on either side of the field. A win Saturday against the rival Gators would prove that the monkey is finally off the back of the Bulldogs. It would also remove the mantra "Georgia can't win a big game" once and for all. So I guess the big question as we close in on the weekend is "Where's the monkey?" Maybe he's gone, because Mojo is always better than the monkey.

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