Wednesday, October 24, 2012

World Series 2012

Once college football kicks into gear, I have a hard time staying into baseball.  I love the sport, but going from the fast pace of football back to the slow pace of baseball is tough to do. Now it's World series time again, and I find that my interest level in the Fall Classic is not what it has been before. From what I've read, it should be a competitive series with the scales tipped slightly in favor of Detroit, mainly because of Justin Verlander. He's pitching lights out right now. Not to mention the Tigers have the first American League Triple Crown Winner since 1967 in Miguel Cabrera. On the other hand, San Francisco seems to be one of those teams that just won't quit. The Giants feel they are never out of a ballgame, and when they get up early, they have the ability to pour it on you. It should be an interesting and competitive series. I just can't let it get in the way of college football. Just sayin...

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